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Jib Car position & the iPad

So, what’s the link between jib cars and iPads, you might be wondering?  Well, in the race tonight, half-way up the beat to the first mark, we were noticing that our “Performance” on iRegatta was showing us around 80% of the theoretical speed we should be achieving for the wind conditions.

Main trim looked good, so I checked out the jib trim.  It looked good, but Nonsuch said the bottom of the genoa looked pretty flat.  So, I pulled the jib car forward about an inch or two.  Bottom of the genoa was a little fuller.  Looked good.

Back to the iPad:  “Performance:  115%”.

And this adjustment got us ahead of Sandpiper at the windward mark!

As always, details matter, and now we have an objective reading to poke us when we are going too slow, AND to give us feedback on our adjustments.

Let’s never settle for 80% upwind.  We know we can get 100+.

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