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Our boat

PERSPECTIVE is a J/100.  She is rated as a daysailor, rather than a racing boat, but has all the hallmarks of J-boats legacy of making fast boats:

  • lightweight hull construction
  • performance rated components
  • all the control lines of a racer
  • carbon fiber mast
  • deep fin keel with nearly half her weight way down below water

Things I love about the way she’s designed:

  • narrow hull let’s you really feel the wind.  We heel over more than any other boat our length, getting water over the rail regularly!
  • huge cockpit makes it easy for a large crew to get around the boat, or go for a afternoon with eight on board
  • open, flat fore-deck with room for two to work
  • tons of anti-skid on the deck to keep you from slipping off on a wet day
  • great lay-out in the cockpit makes it easy to sail single-handed.

Here are some reviews about the J/100: