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Welcome to Perspective Sailing & Racing

Here you can find all the information about how we like to sail and organize ourselves, as well as reports on previous races. And lots of photos and video. This is a work in progress, stay tuned for more information pages.

We work hard and compete well, and make sure to have fun along the way. We make mistakes and laugh about them and learn from them.

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Wind/Weather Forecasts

Apr 1, 2020 - Wed
Burlington Canada
Wind 2 Knots, SSW
Pressure 101.5 kPa
few clouds
Humidity 60%
Clouds 20%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
wed apr 1
5°C /2°C 5 Knots, N 62% 101.6 kPa
thu apr 2
7°C /2°C 9 Knots, NNW 60% 101.9 kPa
fri apr 3
10°C /6°C 4 Knots, NNE 60% 102 kPa
sat apr 4
12°C /9°C 6 Knots, S 56% 101.9 kPa
sun apr 5
12°C /7°C 2 Knots, SSW 65% 101.8 kPa