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Squirrel send-off

As we heard last night, “Squirrels take good care of their nuts.”  And that just about summarizes the tone of our Calvin roast last night, helping him leave the dock for a new kind of voyage.  We had Dutch jokes, some advice about the need for tact before raising the pole (nudge, nudge), some playful ribbing about Calvin’s quirks and antics, accusations of forgery, plus heartfelt admiration of our young foredeck captain.  But the capstone was a fantastic original poem composed and recited by our own Gadget, that summed up what is in all our hearts as we watch Calvin take this great step forward in his journey.  I hope to post it soon.

And I think we really shocked him with the gift from the PERSPECTIVE crew.  Thanks to all your generosity, we were able to set Calvin and Renee up with a new Broil King BBQ, cover and utensils. I can taste the burgers already!

Special thanks to Lazy Sheet for organizing the festivities.  Here we are: evidence that we all own a jacket, and that not all our shirts are PERSPECTIVE blue!

One thought to “Squirrel send-off”

  1. Thank you all for the BBQ, utensils, and cover. It is very very much appreciated by both Squirrels! We’ve already used it once, and no doubt will use it lots more next summer.

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