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The best kind of Eclipse

Race Details

  • Wind: 10-12 ENE steady
  • Course: 14S, 7, 1, 14F
Course Map

Continuing in the fine tradition of recruiting former competitors to join PERSPECTIVE and take a turn on the helm, here is Ken Denholm from Eclipse showing that he still knows how to use a tiller.

I was  just about to touch down after a long trip to Europe while this race was happening, so here’s a quick summary from Gadget:

Great sailing on a nice steady breeze.  Flew the #1.  Had a decent start on the starboard tack.  Had Top Gun and Battlewagon slightly ahead of us, and so it remained for the entire race.  We picked the laylines, made clean tacks, jibes, roundings, hoists and dowses.  Avoided traffic.  Just couldn’t catch them.  Failed to prep the main prior to the final upwind, so that’s something to work on.  Apart from that, sailed a good clean race.

And thanks to the lads taking PERSPECTIVE around the course for a few weeks without me, we are in good standing with two weeks to go in the Fall Series.

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