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A remarkable start

Race Details

  • Wind: Light
  • Course: 9-15-6
Course Map

It a weird night. Lazy Sheet forgot the tech bag, so he left Kiwi to prep the boat while he ran home. Four Hands was so late that he almost had to take a running leap off the pier onto the boat (fortunately cooler heads remembered that he was bringing snack, Perspective was pulled up tight to the wall). Our goal was to beat Remarkable, and we did beat them over the (start) line, but then reverted to our previous ways, and beat Sandpiper instead. And we witnessed the naming (well, decal application) of Pandora II.

There were two highlights in an otherwise un-remarkable night. First of all, the start was one of the best of the year. Kiwi directed our tacks masterfully to have us first across the line. We rode that great start into our first tack, and crossed just ahead of Battlewagon. And then the wheels fell off. We steadily lost ground to our fleet all the way to the windward mark.

We missed the layline, and were below the mark, causing Remarkable to change course to give us room (after they had already rounded). A quick tack-tack, up went the pole, the spinakker was hoisted, and we were away into our second highlight. All the way downwind we steadily drew closer to our fleet, who were all ahead of us at that point. Nonsuch had the kite flying well, and Afterguy and Four Hands executed the jibes as if they were one.

A fine douse, and Ken’s mainsail trim had us continuing to chase down the leaders. Alas, there was not enough race course left, and we finished 3rd, behind Remarkable and Battlewagon.

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