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With three weeks to go…

Thanks to the fabulous crew on PERSPECTIVE, who took care of business while I was away, we are in the running with three weeks to go.    We’ve whittled away at Sandpiper’s lead, but gave up some ground on Battlewagon.  Net net, that’s a much better place than we were two weeks ago.  It’s a little tricky to say exactly where we stand because as the season extends, each boat will be able to drop some of their lowest scores.  Here’s my projection of where we are in the standings, taking into account the drops available to the fleet:


Currently in fourth place, three points behind Sandpiper and one point ahead of Battlewagon.  We’ve got to keep beating Sandpiper and can only afford to let Battlewagon get us one more time.  Ideal results for each race:  PERSPECTIVE – Battlewagon – Sandpiper.


Currently tied in 5th place with Remarkable, two points ahead of Sandpiper and 2.5 points behind Battlewagon.  We’ve got to finish ahead of Battlewagon every race to overtake them in the standings.  Even though we’re out of the running for a flag on Thursdays, there’s a lot at stake (keep reading)!  Ideal result for each race: PERSPECTIVE – Sandpiper – Battlewagon.


Five boats should qualify for the overall contest, and we are currently in fifth, but just one point behind Sandpiper and 1.5 points behind Battlewagon.  Just a couple of wins over Battlewagon and Sandpiper to claim third overall!

BSBC Club Awards

In the Spring series we took the gold flag for both Tuesday and Thursday.  As it stands now, we are ahead by one point on Tuesdays, but behind by two points on Thursday.  For the summer series there is also a flag for overall score: and right now we are just one point behind for the overall. As it stands, we’d get Gold on Tuesday, Red (second) on Thursday, and Red  overall.  Just a couple more wins over Battlewagon and we can bring home three more gold flags for the summer!

We got this guys….let’s go get ’em!

One thought to “With three weeks to go…”

  1. Hey Starport. Thanks for your trust and confidence to let us race Perspective while you were away. While it was fun, it will be great to have you back! See you tomorrow!!!

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