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2018 GHYRA results

A brilliant showing for PERSPECTIVE this year:

Overall Fleet standings:

  1. Perry-Eh
  4. Battlewagon
  5. Lindemere

Overall results (all boats combined)

  1. Perry-Eh
  2. Snaps II

Yup you read it correctly, second in our fleet, and third place overall!

(yes, that is a bit of scotch in the middle glass :-))

Funny story.  When the results for Day Five were announced, something wasn’t right.  We didn’t finish in the top three, despite such a great performance.  And we were announced as third in our fleet with eleven points, one behind Tardis.  It didn’t make sense, since that implied we had finished last today despite our great race, and we know we beat Battlewagon handily.  Afterwards, I discretely checked in with the organizers who double-checked the calculations.  Sure enough, there was a typo in the computation of the fleet results.  We were listed as taking 3 days, 8 hours and 44 minutes to complete the course, rather than the actual 3 hours and 44 minutes.  We made things whole by swapping the glasses, but I didn’t want to ask Tardis to switch flags with me.  Why take away their joy?  So just imagine the flag in this picture is red.  Or imagine it is for the overall position in the race. Or maybe we’ll get stitches to add a little detail so we remember.

Onward and upward, everyone!

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