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Race Details

  • Wind: 0-2 knots, direction uncertain
  • Course: Bronte-Dalhousie
Course Map

Yesterday’s thunderstorm cleared out the worst of the humidity and dropped the temperature a few degrees, making for a very comfortably hot summer day.  But the thunderstorm also slurped up all the wind on the north shore of Lake Ontario.  We hoped a sea breeze would set in, and thought our late start in today’s pursuit race would build in time for us.  But that was not in the cards.

After about an hour and a half of trying to get the boats going, the race was abandoned.  Engines turned on, sails were furled, tarps were spread over the booms and the boats began to motor toward Port Dalhousie.  Once we were in the shade and the boat speed created a cooling breeze, we munched lunch and started to relax.

About an hour later, we found new wind, and once we were convinced it was strong enough and stable, we removed the tarp, hoisted sail and began to enjoy a three hour cruise all the way to St Catherines. We were cruising along At 6+ knots and barely had to touch a sheet all the way.  Mark Quinn on Snowbird snapped a gorgeous photo of us as we overtook them.  Love it!

Near port we stayed out for another great swim, and discovered that the water was much warmer here.  Somehow, the PERSPECTIVE Olympic games were born, as each crew member competed at a new sport.  I went and sat on the lifesaver at the end of its line, and the competitors hauled me in to the boat while someone else timed them.  Fun for me — I got four free rides.  Not sure who won.

Once docked and tied up we enjoyed  appetizers and cocktail samples courtesy of the cruising boats and then a BBQ feast at the Dalhousie Yacht Club.

So, no race results for today, but a lot of laughs and one very memorable cruise on the azure blue of Lake Ontario on a cloudless summer day.  Tomorrow, we are hoping for wind, for a great race to Oakville.

One thought to “GHYRA DAY THREE: Cruising”

  1. Even though we did not race today, we had a really nice relaxing day on Perspective! Great weather, great company!

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