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Secure in second!

Race Details

  • Wind:
  • Course: 14S-7-14F
  • Temperature: °C
  • RaceQs Link:
  • Results Link: Visit
Course Map


  1. Bowman: Squirrel
  2. Mastman: Gadget
  3. Understudy: null
  4. Pit: Lazy Sheet
  5. Foresail Trimmer: Lifeline
  6. Mainsail Trimmer: Skootch
  7. Helm: Kiwi

While I was grilling burgers at anchor in the Benjamin Islands, Kiwi and the Thursday lads clinched our spot with a marvelous performance in light air.

Piecing together the remarks from several aboard, it went something like this.  A well timed start and an extended low speed drag race on starboard, a few tacks sticking near the middle of the course.  Rounding shortly behind Big Yellow.  The fleet jibed away to the center of the bay, but PERSPECTIVE held the Burlington shore in nice clear air while the others fought in a cloud of canvas.  A late jibe back to the rhumb line (or to the finish — was there another jibe?).  No matter, the result was clear.  Top Gun finished first, PERSPECTIVE overtook Big Yellow to claim second, while Legacy, Sandpiper and Battlewagon followed.  A strong second place to secure our spot in second for the summer Thursday series (behind Top Gun), and second overall for the summer!

Three cheers for guest skipper, Kiwi, who even docked the boat in reverse with his typical calm.  His feedback on the race:  crew work was awesome — everyone knew their roles, maneuvers were flawless, and the guys on the pointy end did a great job of spotting the wind and relaying the necessary info.

Bravo to all!

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