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Spring Series Results (unofficial)

Last week the spring series finished up.  And even though we weren’t there to compete, results for the series look promising for PERSPECTIVE.  We’ll know for sure on Thursday evening, but I think it looks like this:

Tuesday nights:

4th place, behind Top Gun, Sandpiper and Eclipse, just squeaking ahead of Battlewagon.  Too bad the May 30th race was abandoned, since we were on track for a 2nd that night for sure.

Thursday nights:

2nd place, behind Top Gun, ahead of Eclipse and Battlewagon, who tied for third — and I think Eclipse will win the tie-break, if I understand how this goes.


If I have tallied it correctly, it looks like 3rd place overall, behind Top Gun and Eclipse.  The margin between us and Eclipse is very thin so far this year. Let’s go get em.

BSBC only:

We finished ahead of Battlewagon every time we were both out there, which was enough to make up for missing one more race than them.  So that should be a first-place flag for Spring overall!

Great start, lads!

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