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PHRF Analysis

I’ve been corresponding about our PHRF rating, and learned that each season, the PHRF-people do something called a race analysis where they evaluate each boat’s performance relative to their PHRF rating as compared to the boats they compete with.  Here’s the analysis for us for last season (the comments on the right are my own).


PHRF       Performance
Year Event Name Class Rating Relative Performance Races Dev Diff vs Rating Consistency
2016 THURS SABOTAGE VIPER 830 60 -11 9 25.2 -71 Well Above Variable
2016 THURS PERSPECTIVE J-100 70 70 8 16.9 0 At Rating Fairly Consistent
2016 THURS TAKE NOTICE AGAIN X-Yachts 1 Ton 63 64 6 20.4 1 Near Rating Mostly Consistent
2016 THURS ECLIPSE C&C 41 72 74 5 15.7 2 Near Rating Fairly Consistent
2016 THURS BATTLEWAGON J-35 72 80 11 36.3 8 Underperformed Highly Variable
2016 TUES TOP GUN J-35 72 41 12 21.2 -31 Well Above Mostly Consistent
2016 TUES SANDPIPER BENETEAU 1ST 36.7 78 67 9 10.4 -11 Outperformed Consistent
2016 TUES PERSPECTIVE J-100 70 70 7 17.7 0 At Rating Fairly Consistent
2016 TUES ECLIPSE C&C 41 72 74 6 4.4 2 Near Rating Very Consistent
2016 TUES BATTLEWAGON J-35 72 105 13 38.1 33 Well below Rating Highly Variable

What you can see is that we essentially performed at rating, and were fairly consistent relative to our competitors.  Not surprisingly, Sabotage and Top Gun performed well above their ratings (ie: faster).  And clearly Sandpiper outperformed their rating.

This is a good new/bad news story.  On the positive side: it means that we are sailing PERSPECTIVE as well as the average crew among our competitors!  That’s a big step forward from the past, and something to celebrate.  We’re also fairly consistent (as a comparison, Coyote’s deviation is 11-15, just slightly more consistent than us).  Next step:  outperform like Sandpiper did in 2016!

The flip side that I think it is unlikely that we’ll get an adjustment in our rating this year (but I haven’t given up).

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