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Well, would you look at that!

On the left, from the summer series joint with Royal Hamilton: third place on Tuesdays and second place overall!  (Battlewagon took first overall, even though we beat them most of the time we both showed up!)

And on the right, for the BSBC participants:  second place for Spring, Summer and Fall.  (Yep, behind Battlewagon).  I think we know our goal for next season:  Yellow, my favorite colour!

Oh, and er, speaking of yellow….we did lose a tie-break for third place with Big Yellow for Summer Thursdays.  That one sticks in my craw a bit.  Game on!


One thought to “Oodles-o-flags!”

  1. Psst. No sour grapes or anything, but we’d have gotten Big Yellow if it weren’t for a thunderstorm cancellation on the last day of the season!

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