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Best Crew on the Bay

No, this is not a race report.  Alack, this is the story of how six gentlemen stripped PERSPECTIVE of her sails, running rigging, standing rigging — in short, all her glory.

Never had I imagined that five of my friends could be so cruel to a boat that has treated us so well.  But it was clear they took joy from the task: flaking sails with glee; coiling shrouds with an eerie, menacing look in their eyes; stowing spreaders with a hint of good riddance; hefting the mast onto its rack with finality and relief.

Who am I kidding?  It was a sad, sad evening.  The weather was warm, a light breeze began to build and tugged at our hearts….do we really have to do this? can’t we hoist sail one more time?

But the best crew on the bay sunk into the task with simple determination and well choreographed synchronicity that had everything neatly stowed before sundown, and we raised a pint at Pluckers to tales of highlights of a great season gone by.

Here’s to you Skootch, David, Lazy Sheet, Gadget and Afterguy.  Couldn’t have done it without you!

And here’s to next Spring.  CLEAT THE GUY!

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