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Day two of the Genoa track installation!

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I wish I took pictures on day one, but here is a summary: Calvin and I removed the old track, bored out the holes to get to clean wood/fibreglass and filled up the holes with epoxy. Worked like a charm (except we bored the holes by hand with a single spade bit, which got duller as we went: blisters!)

On day two, gadget, squirrel and I lined up Both sides of the track, drilled all the holes and trimmed up a backing plate. It was an all day job and we burned through ten drill bits and one knuckle (Gil's), but we went home tired and proud of 66 new holes perfectly lined up, and ready for installation. That will be day 3.

So, every time we are sailing the big Genny, thank and Gil and Calvin for their expertise and days of effort. I basically vacuumed and brought lunch.

Oh and Lazy sheet popped by with coffee in the afternoon. A well times perk!


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