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2019 PHRF Analysis

After every season, the PHRF-LO organization summarizes the performance of each boat, and compares it statistically to its handicap.  I summarized the 2018 analysis in this post last year.  This year, I’m still waiting to receive details, but I did get the summary results from the past few seasons.

The trends over the past three years show really strong improvement in our performance and our consistency:

Year Rating Performance Net ST/Dev Comment
2017 73 83 +10 +19 Off the pace and inconsistent
2018 73 76 +3 +10 Near our potential, not as consistent as we’d like
2019 73 72 -1 +5 Even better than our rating, very consistent

How to read the table:

  • Performance is a calculated effective rating for the boat.  In other words, we sailed PERSPECTIVE as if it were rated 83 in 2017 (10 seconds/mile slower than her potential)
  • Net is the difference between calculated effective rating for the boat and its speed potential (ie: its rating).  In 2018 we were only 3 seconds/mile slower than our potential)
  • ST/DEV is a measure of consistency.  Big numbers like +19 in 2017 mean we were inconsistent.  (When we started out we had a year with ST/DEV +38).

So, in a nutshell, we now sail PERSPECTIVE consistently at her speed potential.  One way to think about that:  if we were in a one-design regatta against a dozen other J100s, we’d finish consistently in the middle of the pack in each race, but our consistency would earn us a spot just off the podium for the event as a whole.

It’s a huge accomplishment in just a few years, and I’m convinced we can keep improving.  For reference, in 2018, Top Gun’s Net was -18, and they were pretty consistent.

How?  Stay tuned for the 2020 winter series!

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