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Day two of the Genoa track installation!

I wish I took pictures on day one, but here is a summary: Calvin and I removed the old track, bored out the holes to get to clean wood/fibreglass and filled up the holes with epoxy. Worked like a charm (except we bored the holes by hand with a single spade bit, which got duller as we went: blisters!)

On day two, gadget, squirrel and I lined up Both sides of the track, drilled all the holes and trimmed up a backing plate. It was an all day job and we burned through ten drill bits and one knuckle (Gil's), but we went home tired and proud of 66 new holes perfectly lined up, and ready for installation. That will be day 3.

So, every time we are sailing the big Genny, thank and Gil and Calvin for their expertise and days of effort. I basically vacuumed and brought lunch.

Oh and Lazy sheet popped by with coffee in the afternoon. A well times perk!


In Album 3/26/16

Kiwi at the Helm

Kiwi at the Helm

Wind: 8 knots steady W
Course: 14-3-12-14

Weather:  Partially Cloudy 18 C

Crew: StarPort, Squirrel, Nonsuch, Lazy Sheet, Afterguy and Kiwi
Video playlist at:

Well no matter how you slice, Kiwi lead us through an awesome race!  Start was perfectly timed and even pushed SandPiper away from the committee boat so they had to tack around before starting.  Upwind we held our own against three J-boats that only gradually pulled away.

Our hoist at the windward mark was flawless, but perhaps a wee bit early (who was that guy on the Halyard, anyway?).  We nearly brushed the mark with the sail as it was filling, but no harm – no foul and we put in a quick jibe to head into better air.

Great moment along the Hamilton wall on the run to mark 12 as we caught up to Christephanie and a few others.  Once we got into their bad air we couldn’t overtake, so we jibed away, sailed hotter for a minute and then jibed back.  By then we were well ahead of them all — great tactical lesson for all of us.

The douse was nice and quick, and just before the leeward mark, where we jibed around for the straight line to the finish overtaking Misty-C and Chewan before the line.

Thanks for a great night guys, it was the perfect tonic after a lousy day in the office!